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I’m Zahra. I’m a Digital Marketer in India. I am a fan of technology, music, and entrepreneurship. I’m also interested in Writing a Blogs about trending website and its clones.


Are you looking for a platform for the start-up of your own online audio streaming business? If your response is positive then this complete article will help you as an entrepreneur in the process of your start-up. Recently, a study gets executed on the mental as well as physical health on millions of people across the globe. So, after a long detailed study and analysis, it has found out that about thousands of people are under a stressful condition and also some of them undergone a depression s

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Everything is getting online around you. Whether you are doing shopping, bill payments, banking transactions, ordering food for tonight or anything else you can think about. Why your business should stay behind in enjoying the perks of technology? Clone scripts are something that can help take your business online. Whatever you can imagine with your business operations can be simply turned true with a clone website.

A website clone is basically a mimic of popular websites exiting or was in exis

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What exactly people expect from a crowdfunding platform is the main thing to think about while you decide to start one of your own. Fundraising makes people tired if it is not as convenient as per expectation. Financial simplicity makes it easy for the fundraiser and the investor.

But what should be done to present such a user-friendly financial system that can help both the ends and the admin as well? You need to focus on the features that you are going to introduce in your fundraising softw

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What is Review Script?

#Review #script basically provides a variety of online tools for creating various review websites that will allow various people to post different kinds of reviews such as on businesses, services, products, celebrities, and many more. Review script also provides support for advertising as well as posting affiliate links to several reviews on businesses, products, and services across the globe.

#Yelp clone is one of the review scripts in the global market which preloade

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  • Transaction Speed of your business process

      This is one of the benefits of using craigslist clone for your #classifiedbusiness. If you want to increase or speed up your several business processes then craigslist clone script will prove to be the perfect solution for you. This PHP classified script can help you to speed up your overall various business processes by cutting down several middleman or brokers from a chain of a process as well as execute direct transaction between several b

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Clone scripts or website clone is developing or creating a new website with unique and improved design along with various functionality or facility inspired from an existing website. The final website clone has unique features, facilities, performance, and design. The main perspective behind the overall website cloning process and final result in the form of a clone website which contains general features along with the overall idea behind the existing system. Additionally, it has added and modi

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What is Zillow Clone?

                Zillow clone script is an online realty script. It provides all features and functionalities required by the entrepreneurs looking to jump-start their own start-up in the real-estate industry. Basically, it is a real estate and rental marketplace focused on empowering global consumers with data, inspiration, and knowledge about various real-estate properties as per their niche needs and requirements. You can introduce advanced and latest technology which wi

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Fundraising is becoming easy with the evolution of technology. The benefits of technology are making fundraising easy and simple. But most of the time, people still wonder about the benefits that they can get with the help of technology. To resolve the confusion and to provide a bright business vision to the entrepreneurs who are looking to start a Crowdfunding script

Reason #1 - Faster Fundraising

Instead of following the old pathway to raise funds, technological advancement is a preferab

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web development

The question coming to your mind will be why this clone scripts are so popular and in need of almost every entrepreneur. Let’s get through some points which will answer all the questions coming to your mind.  

The Demand of Website Clone

So the answer is that if you want to play safe and want to take a well some calculated risk, than for that clone script can prove to be the best way to go for your next business venture.  

Why? It would be the immediate query coming to your mind, right?


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WhatsApp is a great inspirer for many entrepreneurs out there in search of a unique idea to start a business. There are a lot of things highly demanded by the users but not there in WhatsApp. That actually makes brighter chances for quick starting a new business with a truly unique idea of  WhatsApp clone. A WhatsApp clone script can contain many things, but few are the major and some are unique. Read this to know which are they and include it into your WhatsApp clone.


  • Location Sharing
  • Ma
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