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The widespread success of on-demand application like Uber has made entrepreneurs replicate its business model in their startups. Every industry is now witnessing the on-demand storm in its business operations. Laundry sector is not an exception. Let’s have a look at how profitable the industry is and the various business models in the on-demand laundry sector. 

As most of us are working it is difficult to find an exact balance between professional and personal life. People love comfort these da

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AppDupe, a leading app development company offers a feature-rich Uber for handyman platform at an affordable price. Their experts will help you develop the application in the language and currency of your choice. 

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AppDupe is the pioneer in the app development industry has a history of successful project completion with major business giants around the world. It provides accurate clone scripts with all the necessary integrated features required for developing an online Uber for dog walking app. 


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On-demand doctor service is not accomplished only by sending a physiotherapist to your home but also to provide quality treatments. Currently, there are many on-demand doctor services providers catching up swiftly. Usually, they have a team comprising of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, etc. who are trained to deliver health services required in the comfort of patients home.

It is often misunderstood that on-demand doctor services are not economical. There are different types of payment model

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On-demand Beauty services have become the fastest growing sectors globally. Creating an app for this business will open wide range of opportunities and new beauty startups to cherish.

To create an app like Uber for beauty on-demand services, many essential things are required to be considered.

Setting the Price and Convenience:

Cost and convenience have to be given close attention while starting a on-demand beauty services. Both factors play an important role whenever customers seek for bea

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Get an edge over your competitors in laundry business by developing an Uber for laundry app. Get control of overall business operations and functionalities of your business by integrating all the necessary features.

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Globally on-demand services are on the rise as it has become an inseparable part of people’s lives. Many services from food deliveries to laundry and dry cleaning required for everyday living are now just a few clicks away.

The global success of on-demand services has motivated entrepreneurs in various industries to step into the on-demand sector.

The on-demand laundry service sector is one of such services that is evolving in this industry. It has radically mixed well with other on-demand s

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Are you interested in starting your own pet walking venture? All you need is to get an application that enables you to organise your business. The app should be designed in such a way that gives a complete control to the owner. 

Americans own 187 million pets and they spend nearly $70 billion a year on dog walking service industry. According to a recent estimate the industry is expected to 1 billion by the end of 2019. 

It shows the industry is lucrative and entering it with an advanced app li

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The concept of availing services with an application is popular among people over the last few years. We have an application for everything right from ordering food to alcohol. Everyone likes comfort these days and enticing customers with comfortable & convenient services is a great way to attract people to business. 

There’s a growing demand for maintenance and repair works. A handyman who does works of all sorts are in great demand. As most of the people are working professionals, it is reall

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Super apps like Gojek and WeChat revolutionized the on-demand business industry by offering multiple services in a single application. Its success persuaded many entrepreneurs to create an app similar to it. 

And it’s not an easy task to create an application from scratch. Ready-made Gojek clones are available in the market and finding the right technology partner is what an entrepreneur should do in developing an application for their business. 

Let’s have a look at the advanced components a

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