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Salisbury & Manus Interiors believes in the process of creating a welcoming house with the finest additions. We have created an authentic collection of products for interiors, which include lightings, furnishings, bed sheets, wall décor, and more. We primarily offer products with sophisticated color schemes, patterns, styles, and elegant formality.

Some hallways and rooms are often incomplete in the absence of Grandfather Clock.

The magnanimity yet the relaxed beat of the clock holds a special place in people’s lives. Not many are untouched by the beautiful style of longcases, especially when the British are making for the past 350 years.

If you too are one of those admirers of the grandfather clock who’s willing to make a place for the same in home, then this brief guide can help you.

Great deals on different budgets

The authentic s

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Circa 1820 Scottish Mahogany Tall Case Clock is now available at Explore the genuine models today and shop for the best prices.

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Check out the incredible upholstery and fabric varieties from Cowtan and Tout on Explore to find great deals online!

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“Is it too dull or dim right now?”

“Can’t we replace this piece in this second?”

We don’t want you to say the above at all. If you haven’t got the lighting right, it’s going to embroil into a huge controversy in your home. Apparently, personal choices & difference of opinions will erupt hugely and one would blame the other.

Can you ignore one factor or the other?

Do you any factor for now?

Check the following to find out if you are getting it right or not.

  1. Luminous efficacy or Lumens.
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Before we set a precedent on what’s wrong or what’s right, we would like you to check the facts and details for better understanding.Have you heard a thing called photometric brightness?

If not, you should. It is the luminance, or the light leaving a lamp, measured in Candelas/meter or footlamberts.

Over the years, brightness have been chosen in multiple ways of both subtlety and dramatic fashion. One shouldn’t be apprehensive about the level of illumination in any environment. The effect lose

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