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Romy Santiago is a yoga girl at heart. When Romy Santiago is not blogging about yoga, you can find her relaxing. Romy Santiago is an outdoor junkie who loves the mountains and fresh air, she is a contributing writer to Dr Workout.


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Directories can be either free or paid.

The former provides a no-cost option to promote your site. The latter on the other hand allows your site to be listed in a directory with a minimal fee. This fee is often collected annually and may provide additional perks such as your site being displayed on certain sections of the site thereby making it more prominently seen by visitors of the directory. Both paid and free directory listings can promote your site effectively and there is no argument as

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Wouldn’t it be good to tame that hunger monster a little, and eat less simply because you feel like it? Here are some keys to doing just that:

Best way to lose more fat

  1. Eat more protein
  2. Eat eggs for breakfast
  3. Begin dinner by eating a low calorie soup
  4. Keep food out of your mind as much as humanly possible
  5. Make sure you get enough sleep
  6. Stop eating before you’re full (don’t worry, you’ll still feel full):
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Meditation During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the important phase in which a woman needs to take ultimate care of her own health. During pregnancy women have to go through a lot of physical and emotional stages. Pregnant women should embrace yoga that ensures harmony for the body and mind as well.

It is very essential to find a comfortable location that can separate you from the hectic loud noises and other likely disturbed places that can break the hush state of your mind. Meditating in a silent place will bring peac

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