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Oodles Technologies is an offshore software development company with a focus on state-of-the-art technologies. We have our niche in awe-inspiring domains like Blockchain, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, ERP, Big Data and Live Video Streaming.

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We are a reliable security token offering development company enabling the full or partial automated transfer of ownership, attract minimal administrative costs by eliminating intermediaries and providing investors complete control over immovable assets with compliance to financial regulations. The STO solutions developed by our blockchain team are highly secured, which augments legal fundraising activities.

Oodles STO development company helps to crowdfund your business legally. Our STO develo

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Are you planning to develop a Cryptocurrency exchange platform for secure trading of digital currencies? Contact Oodles Technologies to get your exchange platform developed at the most competitive rates. With our superlative cryptocurrency exchange development Services, we help businesses stay ahead in the technological wave.


Wish to know how our blockchain developers can help your business grow? Let's connect.

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The success of any restaurant depends on the kind of services they provide. If the hospitality industry fails to offer smooth operations to the customers, it enters the negative zone. Technologies have emerged in every sector and restaurant industry is no exception. IoT in restaurants is the most recent advancement in the hospitality industry. This advancement will help generate data that can benefit not only the customers but the restaurant staff too. Let's dig in further to know how IoT soluti

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Oodles Technologies is a one-stop shop for all your blockchain application development and cryptocurrency development Services. With a bucketful of successful crypto-projects delivered so far, we can greatly help you in leveraging most of the blockchain technology.


Wish to avail our cryptocurrency development services to stay ahead of the curve? Let’s get connected.

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Align your business in compliance with the data protection and privacy regulations. Implement the best way to meet the specific requirements of this information age.

Oodles data protection and privacy compliance team assist you to maintain technical standards and guidelines, classify data, mitigate cyber risks, adhere to policies, handle high-profile data breach issues, empower security team, and other related services. Our Data Protection and Privacy services enable business compliance wit

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Get the best user-centric and customized IT solutions for personal and professional use of wearable devices to improve your market presence.


With our wearable app development services, provide user-engagement benefits in your business and customer service. We ensure smooth UX design across the wearable devices, right architecture for M2M communications, data visualization from wearable sensor system, high performance with low power, aggressive marketing, and enable data acquisition from a

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Java is one of the oldest and most popular programming language used by software developers globally. It’s an open-source language and is used for developing Android smartphone apps, web apps, native apps, enterprise apps and more. Java provides an object-oriented model to help developers create scalable, reliable, robust and multi-tiered applications.

 Java Web App Developers at Oodles Technologies create enterprise applications using the Java EE platform. Using this platform prevents develope

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Since smart contracts work and run on the blockchain, they function differently to what we are usually accustomed of. As compared to legal undertakings that are accessible on smartphones and computers, smart contracts honestly require a change in the roadway to building safe & secure codes. In this article, I will break down the crucial tips into detailed information that should give a clear picture of how to properly write smart contracts.

A lot of times, smart contracts are mistakenly tho

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Big data transforming agricultureBig data has been disrupting almost every industry and surprisingly, it has not even left the Agriculture industry behind. Big data is helping farmers to grow plants in less time to increase their production. In India, agriculture is only industry responsible for the economy thus needs more support than any other industry. Undoubtedly, data analytics has helped the agriculture industry to meet the needs of a new era of farming. The agriculture industry is the only industry that can be affected b

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Ever since video games came into existence, there is hardly any person who has not been affected by the unmatched user experience it has to offer. With such a huge market, the gaming industry has even roadblocked the surge of sports and movie capitals. As per the reports and statistics, the online gaming industry is going to touch the extreme caps of whopping $180.1 billion by the end of 2021. And no surprise why Blockchain Technology has also carved its way into it.


The gaming sector is a

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