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Blockchain App Factory is an ICO marketing company in India that has 3+ years of experience in cryptocurrency. With 42 completed projects to our name, we are proficient in offering appropriate ICO solutions. We can aid you in increasing your coin sales.

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STO-(4)   Though the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has regarded the use of utility tokens as a dicey situation leading to unregistered broker-dealer situations, the hype encompassing security tokens has not reduced.The security token market is transforming at the pace of lightning. However, it is still in its days of infancy. Besides, there are many ambiguous areas when we consider the market for token buyers as well as the business model adopted by startups today. Not to mention that entre continue reading →


Asset token2

Asset tokenization is the process of using digital tokens to represent ownership of the asset.

The method of tokenizing is implemented to liquidate assets that would generally take long periods of time and go through tedious processes to be traded.

Tokenization overcomes all geographical barriers. It provides a connecting link between asset owners and investors.

Converting ownership into numerous digital tokens allows investors to own assets infractions.

This encourages small-time inve

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Reach an international network of investors by tokenizing physical assets with the help of blockchain. Approach Blockchain App Factory today to launch your own tokenization platform that allows you to digitize your real-world assets easily.

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Security token offering for a fundraiser is an optimized way for entrepreneurs to raise funds for their projects. Blockchain App Factory is the best token development firm in town offering a wide range of solutions that are guaranteed to give your business a competitive edge.

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Blockchain App Factory is a top stablecoin development agency. They excel at launching asset-backed and non-asset backed stablecoins. Their developer team has unparalleled experience with creating intuitive solutions that are secure and scalable.

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Security Token Offering or STO is a unique blockchain-based financial instrument that is regulated and draws its value from real-world assets. These factors make the tokens immune to normal market trends and also protects the interests of investors.

Today, there are four main categories of STOs; they are:

  • Equity Token: These tokens give the holder an ownership stake in the project. This is similar to shareholders of a company’s stock.
  • Utility Token: Here, the token holder can receive benef
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Launch a gold backed cryptocurrency with Blockchain App Factory. They are a leading cryptocurrency development company with many years of experience. They have a large team of developers who integrate the best market practices to create powerful products that are white-label, customizable, and user-friendly.

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