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Champion Salon gives you best eye look on your special day. We use a high quality of makeup materials and our artist gives you a shiny eye makeup look. Eye makeup starting from eye shadow, a outstanding eye shadow palette dresses up the eyelids like no other. There’s no chance of beautiful eye makeup without the use of a palette comprising of dashing, flexible and highly-watercolor shades. Than eye liner leads to more beauty of eyes. Kajal,

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4 months ago

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Bridal Eye Makeup is all about the avocation to see the true beauty of the bride. Additionally, bridal makeup involves number of components for various things such as hair style, dress wearing style, eye makeup, foundation, contouring, lip color, and many others.  The eyes of a bride tell the beauty of her heart. The smile she has shows happiness for her future life but her eyes keep looking for her family and society. These beauti

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Wedding are special event of life for every girl, it is a magical and truly event. So Every Bridal wants to look most beautiful on her marriage. After the dress up, makeup and hair style are defining the features of bridal images. So, wedding makeup artist is different from other artist because they have a lot of experience in this field. A Wedding Makeup Artist is a mandatory to any wedding day. Even if you are best with your own makeup, hiring a wedding makeup artist is a good idea for your we

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Bridal Face Makeup gives a gorgeous and shiny look to her. Face makeup start with primer, Prep up your skin for further layers of makeup by applying a primer to your skin. A face primer evens out your skin by filling in the whole and fine lines. This helps your foundation in flying over the skin smoothly. Foundation, Another mandatory essential that a found

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Bridal Hair style, hair is natural beauty of women and hair style for bridal increase her natural beauty. All in all, the year went by was all about edgy and flaunt-worthy hairstyles. So, summing it up right, we've curate a list of bridal hair trends that ruled the year 2018. Browse through and ask your hairstylist to make the most of it. http://www.championsalon.in


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