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Horse riding is really thrilling. A person who has done horse riding, at least once in his lifetime, will always want a second time. Horse riding is also a very popular among tourists. During vacations many people try horse riding. It must be understood here that many of these people are not experienced and for some it might be even the first time. Hence, precaution should be taken so that no untoward incident happens.


To keep oneself safe during riding, kep helmets are very important. The

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In a horse show, you can’t keep off the idea of sophistication to wear for the occasion. While you step into the arena neatly dressed, the chances of impressing the judges just raises to the next higher level. Presentation is crucial in such kind of shows. Irrespective of the types of horse shows, you can put up an excellent presentation for gaining points.

Equestrians should choose conventional and conservative clothing for small shows. In fact, it is considered one of the best strategies to r

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Tall and polished dressage boots are strikingly fashionable in shows and competitions. One doesn’t keep off the idea to wear it on several occasions. However, equestrians may find it confusing when a plethora of options is available in this product category.

We have compiled a 3-step guide for buying a perfect pair of dressage boots.

  1. Find what you need:- Customized for typical applications, Dressage boots DeNiro offers a premium feel and look to the wearer. Though rigid, stiff, and lace-less
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