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Cogito offers high-quality human annotated quality dataset for artificial intelligence and machine learning with more accuracy to make visual search, image search, sentiment analysis and data collection or classification, healthcare, virtual call center and transcription service more useful and productive.


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Making the data understandable to machines by labeling using the certain techniques like outlining or shading the text or objects images is basically known as data annotation. The data can be anything from simple text to images or videos and audios available in various formats.

The main motive of data annotation is highlighting the important words, texts or objects using the annotation techniques to make it recognizable to machines or computer vision used for machine learning or artificial int

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Cogito helps to understand the minds of customers with Sentiment analysis services offered for companies cautious about their customer’s sentiments and their opinions, feedbacks, reviews or comments on products or services offered by them. Cogito is providing this service for all types of companies and organizations having online presence like social media and other online platforms and looking to read the sentiments of their customers using these platforms.

Cogito offers this service in combin

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The role of Artificial intelligence (AI) in various fields are expanding at encouraging speed making the work process more efficient and secured in terms of data transfer and personal account or details accessibility by the end-user.

Banking and finance are one of the most important sector of an economy where such intellectual technology in required to improve the overall service while preventing the frauds and illegal transactions. Artificial intelligence in banking is already integrated into

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To know how to validate machine learning models read this blog post by Cogito that explains what are the ML model validation methods used into this field. It is explaining about the various types of machine learning model validation techniques by the companies offering ML model validation services and which model is suitable for which industry. All the popular techniques are described right here in this blog post with few set of examples to make easier for machine learning engineers use the righ

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Machine learning engineers are the key role player in machine learning model development. They are responsible for multiple task from coding to deployment, testing and troubleshooting the issues comes while developing such models.

However, to know what exactly machine learning engineer do you need to can find out their role, duties and actual task performed by such professionals. Sometimes Machine learning engineers also called data scientist as they study and transform the data science protot

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Cogito is providing live annotation services for machine learning with real-time data labeling and annotation for all types of texts, images and videos. This is kind of annotation service is quick turnaround time and delivery of annotated data within the prescribed time limit as per the client’s request for training the machine learning and AI-based models.

It offers live image and live videos annotation service to annotate the data as much as faster with quickest time frame of 5 minutes to del

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Cogito is a pioneer in data collection and classification with image annotation and data labeling for machine learning computer vision. It is providing the right solution for training data set to develop AI-based models work independently without humans. It is involved in gathering of such data from reliable sources and annotates them using the best tool to make it recognizable for machines and computer vision working to develop the models work properly.

Cogito Provides Following Services:

  • H
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Cogito offers Data Collection and categories for machine learning and artificial intelligence based various applications need such training data for models. Cogito is dedicatedly involved in data collection and classification with labeling and image tagging or annotations to make such data recognizable for machines or computer vision to train AI models.

Cogito is using the advance techniques of data collection services process to make sure the authenticity of data and its reliability of gather

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Cogito is providing the data classification service with tagging and data labeling for machine learning and other needs. It is expertise in data collection and capable to organize the data as per the customize needs of the different customers. Cogito is doing the data classification process using the advance technology and secured methods to classify the data in order to make it usable for end-users as per the customize needs.

Cogito is also providing data labeling and annotation service to tag

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To know the future of machine learning in Healthcare read here the various aspects justifying the scope and future of machine learning based applications will be used in healthcare and medical treatment process across the world. It is explaining the various use cases and other potential fields where machine learning will be implemented with better performance and results making the work flow and other procedure trouble-free.

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