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Cogito offers high-quality human annotated quality dataset for artificial intelligence and machine learning with more accuracy to make visual search, image search, sentiment analysis and data collection or classification, healthcare, virtual call center and transcription service more useful and productive.


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Read here top five mistakes to be avoided while hiring data scientists to get the best candidates for data engineering projects like machine learning AI development. These five mistakes will help companies to hire the right data scientist that can carry out the best utilization of data for analysis and project developments for machine learning and AI-based models. Cogito experts data explain what are the aspects keep in mind while hiring a right data scientist as per the needs.

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A one-stop Transcription services to transcribe the encoded contents into other formats in multiple language making the speech, visuals and other contents available to others. Cogito is providing this facility with accuracy at best level allowing clients make best use of contents into other formats for different departments like legal and commercial etc. It is specialized in Audio, Video and OCR Transcription with best accuracy and quality.

Cogito is one of the leading transcription service pro

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Virtual Contact Center Service is offered here by Cogito for inbound and outbound calling with voice and text based chat customer support service for all types of companies operating into different fields. It is is also providing the back-office facility to all such companies to make their customer support service fully interactive and supportive.


Cogito is providing the inbound operations with customer service, intermediary help desk, claim registration and inbound sales for all types of bus

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Cogito offers a great place to moderate the online user generated contents posted on various online platforms. It is involved in controlling the negative reviews and antagonistic comments of customers or other people on social media and other platforms. Helping companies, brands and individual personalities, enjoy a reputed entity in the market place.

It is covering the wide-spread sources such as comments, images, videos and other formats trying to slander the reputation of the company or per

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Machine Learning (ML) is the process of training a model using the training data sets with right algorithms for accurate predictions. Validation in machine learning is like a authorization or authentication of the prediction done by a trained model.

While on the other hand, evaluation in machine learning refers to assessment or test of entire machine learning model and its performance in various circumstances. It involves assessment of machine learning model training process, deep learning algo

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Medical imaging analysis is important process in healthcare sector that helps doctors to get the precise diagnosis of various types of diseases. MRI, X-Ray, CT Scan and Ultrasound are the leading medical images used to analyze the actual cause of problem in a human body.

Radiologist are the specialists who analyze such images at hospitals and medical centers to detect the illness and help the doctors to provide the right and timely treatments to patients. Though it is a time taking process, as

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AI in medical images are now already playing a crucial role in detecting the various types of diseases helping doctors to get the right decision and provide the timely medical treatment and care facilities helping patients recover at less agony.

Currently AI is already used to detect the various types of diseases faster than doctors with better accuracy. Radiologist examine the medical images carefully and find the actual problem while AI-enabled machines also do the same but at faster rate, th

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This is a blog post discussing about how much training data is required for machine learning algorithms to develop a fully functional AI or ML model. To train the machine learning or deep learning model a certain quantity of training data is required and here ML engineers can find how much data can be enough to start the machine learning model training.

The certain aspects considered while choosing the quantity of machine learning training data is discussed right here by experts. It is also exp

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Getting the free services is not right for all types of needs. If you are looking to transcribe the video into text of other formats freely you need to be very cautious, as any kind of manipulation or missing part can change the sense of words or entire sentence communicated into the video.

If you are looking for fun or need the content for unofficial work, you can find many free tools and online services providing the video to audio or text transcription work. Just upload the video file and wa

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Data collection services helps companies and data scientist to utilize the power of crucial information hidden under the collected data. And gathering the data from reliable source is important to ensure its authenticity. Data collection companies not only provide the collection but categorization and classification service to organize the data in desired formats and make this usable to experts working on engineering model need such data to develop.

Cogito is one of the well-known data collecti

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