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Cogito offers high-quality human annotated quality dataset for artificial intelligence and machine learning with more accuracy to make visual search, image search, sentiment analysis and data collection or classification, healthcare, virtual call center and transcription service more useful and productive.


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What is Deepfake Technology?

AI powered Deepfake detection is possible with human eyes, and combination of such high-end technology, that is now offered by Cogito. All types of fake videos, images or manipulated audios all can ruin the personality of well-known individuals. Politicians, actors and popular celebrities are the prime victims of Deepfake technology, that allows to swap their faces and voice on other erotic individuals to gain a popularity in the market place.

Cogio has developed

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It demonstrate decision tree classifier and describe random forest classifier that helps to make the machine learning model more practical and productive in real-life. Sometimes people misinterpret classification with clustering, but is quite different, as in clustering, the idea is not to predict the target class as in classification, rather it’s more ever trying to group the similar kind of things by considering the most satisfied condition, all the items in the same group should be similar an

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Machine Learning is the process of training the models using the certain amount of data to learn the patterns and make the right predictions. And training data available right here with Cogito with best quality and accuracy to develop the right prediction model. It is expert in developing the training data sets for AI and machine learning model development. Cogito works Machine learning as a service and having the strong presence in data and image annotation.

Cogito produce the large quantity o

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) fields are attracting the field specialists who can work on these technology efficiently and utilize their skills in the right direction. Their job is crucial and needs technical knowledge and skills to analyze the various aspects while working on a particular project to develop a right model.

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If you or your company is spending on AI and ML development, you need to be very careful while appointing su

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DeepFake video detection is possible with Cogito having team of highly-skilled professionals who an easily identify such fake videos before it can damage the personality of any individual. Deepfake videos contains the visuals of a person who is not originally doing the action or saying something else. In such fake videos, a mocked face is used on another person using the AI-based technology, that uses the multiple images data sets to create the fake video.

How We Detect Deepfake Videos?


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NLP abbreviated to Natural Language Processing is used in machine learning, deep learning and AI-based model training to make machines learn and understand the human language and respond to their questions asked casually through voice or speech based commands.

Intelligibly, saying NLP is not deep learning, instead its is kind of linguistic communication for system used in Deep Learning to train the machines interpret the language spoken by the human beings during the conversation. NLP when used

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is benefiting the multiple industries making the business operations more automated while giving an amazing results. Healthcare is sector where AI in playing a crucial role in finding the diseases quickly without doctors intervention and with better accuracy.

  1. Provides Round-the-clock Virtual Assistance and Health Monitoring
  2. Can Diagnosis Diseases through Medical Imagining Analysis
  3. Collects the Crucial Training Data for Machine Learning

Developing the AI-enabl

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Training data is basically a type of data used for training a new application, model or system through various methods depending on the project’s feasibility and requirements. And training data for AI or ML is slightly different, as they are labeled or annotated with certain techniques to make it recognizable to computer that helps machines to understand the objects.

If you are looking for training data its types and why it is important and such high-quality data sets for your machine learning

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The most suitable results matching the attributes like size, color, brand and price range are considered while showing the results. It helps customers to find the best product or services as per his preference and budget etc. How to Measure or Test the Search Relevance?To measure or test the search the relevance there are various methods you can use the various online platforms to measure the search relevance for a query. How To Improve Search Relevance?To improve the search relevance you need t

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Listen this audio file that explains, truth about the myths on outsource data annotation services to third party. The top four myths like data safety, in-house annotation is better or cost-effective, different use-cases, third-party is expensive etc. are cleared here with few examples. Listening this audio files will helps AI and ML companies to outsource their data annotation needs to other professionals companies and get a high-quality datasets at lees expensive cost.

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