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Cogito offers high-quality human annotated quality dataset for artificial intelligence and machine learning with more accuracy to make visual search, image search, sentiment analysis and data collection or classification, healthcare, virtual call center and transcription service more useful and productive.


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Machine learning actually used to create the automated systems that can work itself without human interference. However, the AI-based machines also works automatically and machine learning is an integral part of AI helping engineers to develop automated models.

Over the past years machine learning process has helps AI developers to create many applications for different industries to work with automated system and serve their customers in more efficient and faster ways. The few of examples are

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The fake videos containing the face of another person swapped on another person influencing people believe on such deepfakes. But thanks to AI researchers from Albany University such Deepfakes can be detected by analyzing unique fingerprints in the digital file.

Deepfake on the Rise

Earlier people were well aware about the Photoshop and other photo editing tools there were used in creating fake or cloned images affecting the relationships and personal life of many people. And now Deepfakes are

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To know what are the various types of data sets used in machine learning, listen this audio that explains the different types of data sets used in machine learning or deep learning in AI. The voice of an expert is describing why these data is split into different data sets and with set of examples where the training data, testing data and validation data sets is used in machine learning or AI model developments.  

Listen Audio: Types of Data Sets used in Machine Learning 

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Find here the blog post by Cogito explaining what are the various types of data sets used in machine learning and why these data is split into different types of data sets with set of examples. It is explaining about the various types of data sets used in machine learning model development and which type of data is used at what stage of model development. Cogito is also providing machine learning data sets with proper data labeling services to AI companies at affordable cost.

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Cross validation machine learning technique is very useful for evaluating the effectiveness of your model mainly when you need to mitigate over-fitting. However, it is also used in determining the hyper parameters of your model, in terms of finding that which parameters will give results in lowest test error. It is one of the most widely used and effective technique of machine learning model validation used by the machine learning engineers worldwide to create a fully functional AI model with be

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All types of model validation techniques to ensure the each model can work precisely and give the best results. These ML engineers follow the best validation process to authenticate the machine learning models developed through deep learning algorithms. It is providing the unbiased AI Model Validation Services for machine learning with highest accuracy at affordable pricing helping AI developers to build an accurate model for different fields. 


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Live Annotation Services for all types of texts, images and videos with time sensitive annotation services for quick delivery of annotated data. Cogito offers a real-time live annotation services with high throughput labeling and super fast turnaround done by dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced annotators with fully scalable annotation services at flexible pricing.

Cogito is expert in live annotation with output delivered within defined SLA with track record of turn around time as

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Live annotations work not necessarily to be broadcasted online through a live video streaming service provider like YouTube. Though, you can twitch a few seconds work demonstrating your style of annotation technique and other key aspects attracting online customers. Twitch Live Annotations enable a promotional alert that appears on all of your YouTube videos the instant you start broadcasting via such online video streaming platoforms.

I thinks there is no other way to twitch your live annotati

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Read here how Deepfake technology impact the people in our society and what are its potential consequences on different people and group in our society especially people having online presence. The four major impacts of this technology is well-described right here in this blog with various set of examples affecting the various kind of person and what are the ways Deepfake Services are used to created contents from Deekpfake technology.

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To train the computers learn a certain types of patterns, different types of dimensions or shapes and attributes, images are used with proper annotation that can be done with the help of a software to outline the entire object making it visible to machines or computer vision.

You can find various types of online platform and software to annotate different types of images in different annotation formats. But it is quite difficult to find the right and best platform for image annotation, so be b

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