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Cogito offers high-quality human annotated quality dataset for artificial intelligence and machine learning with more accuracy to make visual search, image search, sentiment analysis and data collection or classification, healthcare, virtual call center and transcription service more useful and productive.


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Chatbot training data now created by AI developers with NLP annotation and precise data labeling to make the human and machine interaction intelligible. This kind of virtual assistant applications created for automated customer care support assist people in solving their queries against product and services offered by companies. Machine learning engineer acquire such data to make natural language processing used in machine learning algorithms in understanding the human voice and respond accordin

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Content moderation to control the different types spam on social media and other similar online platform posted by users using different types of devices. Cogito is the offering user-generated content moderation for companies, corporates, organizations, enterprises and individual personalities to watch their official online account on social media and other platforms.

UGC at Cogito helps to monitor social media posts, comments, feedbacks, reviews and other types of contents like images and vid

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Making the natural language processioning (NLP) understandable for machines is now possible with Cogito, that offers annotation services for AI and machine learning. Natural language annotation services offered here helps machine learning algorithms to understand the human spoken language and use the same in future references.

For better speech recognition in machines learning training NLP annotation is required with high-level of accuracy. Cogito helps to improve the speech recognition among m

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Training data for computer vision in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) created here at Cogito in a fully professional data labeling department. All types of data are annotated right here including text, image and video annotation allowing machines to recognize the objects and learn them for future reference.

Cogito provides image annotation for wide range of industries working on AI or ML model and requires high-quality data for training, testing and validation of model. E

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Sentiment Analysis to know your customers is now possible with Cogito providing the best service using the social media and other platforms. Understanding your customer’s feelings is important to serve them quickly in a better way. And Sentiment Analysis is the best way to cognize the opinions of different types of people at one place. Using the sentiment analysis service, Cogito helps companies keep tracking their customer’s behavior or engage the new customers through polls or certain contests

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Evaluating the machine learning model is very important to check the accuracy level and make sure this model will work well in real-life use. Evaluation means, checking the prediction of model after giving a raw data to recognize the data or object learn from previous machine learning training process. What is Labeled Data for Machine Learning?

Hence, you need certain data to evaluate the model accuracy. In case of labeled data images are annotated for computer vision to recognize the objects t

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Improving the Search Relevance now become easier with Cogito, that is providing the search optimization and relevance service for online stores and ecommerce store selling various types of products in the market. It helps to make the search results how the most relevant products as per the search query.

Cogito knows how to optimize and tune-up the search algorithm to account every attribute customer is filtering the product search. It is providing the high-quality data sets for search relevance

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Hiring the right Machine learning engineering is a challenge for AI and ML companies to make sure right model that can predict with accurate results. Actually, hiring the machine learning engineer you need to consider various aspects, so that your project not get affected due to wrong decision.

Understanding the Job duties and Responsibilities of ML Engineer

Owing to complexities in AI and ML development, it also becomes ambiguous what exactly and ML engineer will do, and how he is different f

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Validating the AI or ML model is important to make it accurate for right prediction. Evaluating the output given by the running model compared with outputs, if not found satisfying, given with more improved training data. Cogito data annotation team check and evaluate the ML model outputs and validate if its is giving the acceptable results.

Cogito provides training data for AI and ML development, and also offer the ML model validation service to validate the model accuracy level to ensure the

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Training data for AI and machine learning in healthcare is playing an important role in developing the applications and systems that can operate automatically into various sub-fields on medical science. Cogito provides highly accurate healthcare training data sets to develop the AI and ML model for disease diagnosis through radiology images and other process of medical records patterns recording.

Cogito annotate and label the medical images like X-rays, CT Scan, MRI and Ultrasound reports with

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