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Cogito offers high-quality human annotated quality dataset for artificial intelligence and machine learning with more accuracy to make visual search, image search, sentiment analysis and data collection or classification, healthcare, virtual call center and transcription service more useful and productive.


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Video annotation to label the moving objects in the video recording to make it recognizable to computer vision based machine learning algorithms. Self-driving cars or autonomous vehicles needs such highly labeled videos with right metadata helping such machines to detect the physical object through various sensors and move safely.

Cogito provides, the video annotation service for machine learning algorithm training to develop the autonomous cars with best level of accuracy. The video annotation

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Developing an AI-enabled Chatbot application is very much possible if right quality and amount of training data is available. And Cogito Tech is the pioneer in supplying chatbot training data sets with NLP annotation and Text annotation services to make the speech recognition easier for automated machines.

The chatbot training data developed by Cogito helps to train the natural language processing algorithms learn and understand the communication process of humans when they interact with each o

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Semantic segmentation in image annotation makes the objects recognizable to machines in a single class. Cogito is providing image semantic segmentation service to annotate the multiple types of objects in a single image to make is identifiable to computer vision based perception model like self-driving car or autonomous vehicle.

Semantic segmentation is available for AI and machine learning models needs to better understand the scenario and recognize the object visible into their surroundings.

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Deepfakes are an AI technology based created realistic fake images or videos of targeted people by swapping their faces other person saying or doing things that are not actually done by them. And people start believing in such fake videos, as its is not recognizable with normal human eye, it requires in-depth analysis.

How does Deepfake work?

A Deepfake video seems like a original content having the person doing some kind of action or speaking on a topic. And while creating such fake videos, m

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Polygon image annotation service for computer vision object detection through machine learning. Detecting the irregular shapes or coarse objects, polygonal annotation helps autonomous vehicles, detect the road surface marking and other printed signs on roads making the autonomous driving successful and safe.

The polygon semantic segmentation for irregular shapes helping visual perception model observe the different scenario with right level of accuracy. Object localization through areal view im

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Machine learning and AI development speeding up at faster pace across the world. And now it is integrated into multiple fields, to automate the working process with better efficiency while reducing the cost and human innervation.

And to develop AI-enabled or machine learning based working models, algorithms are trained with labeled data so that model can learn the data trend, historical patterns and behavior or activity of different types of inputs to predict in the same manner.

Cogito Tech is

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Data scientists and machine learning engineers are two important professionals in AI filed who play a vital role in model development. And their role in AI development is not that much different but from technical skills perspective there is difference. Though, the core difference between data scientist and machine learning engineer is, former one more knowledgeable in programming skills used around data. While data scientist is is like mathematician who can program using his data analysis skill

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is expanding its footprints into many vital fields, medicine is another field we need this intelligent technology that enhance the service quality and also improves efficiency in performing various crucial task.

AI in medicine brings groundbreaking changes in entire healthcare industry – reducing the cost of treatment with faster decisions without help of doctors helping patients to get well timely with real-time monitoring of their health.

It is also helping the e

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Cogito is providing Polyline annotation for lane detection through computer vision in machine learning for self-driving cars and autonomous vehicles. With line and spline annotation service, it is making the road surface marking recognizable to such autonomous cars to detect the path and drive in the right lane. Using the polyline annotation service, Cogito makes the streets line and length recognizable through computer vision. The road surface marking like single lane, double lane, broken lane

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Data analysis filed is become important due to high reliability on data for analyzing the previous trend and predict the future. And the labeled data is also used in machine learning and AI-based project development. And now data analysis in healthcare is playing an important role in diagnosing the various types of diseases and analyses the health conditions of various patients to find out the possibilities with other patients. The scope of data analysis in healthcare is bright and with the day-

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