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Initial Coin Offerings and Security Token Offerings are the duos of most major manifestations of the blockchain. Both these ‘offerings’ are meant to raise funds for startups. The last few months of 2017 and the first few of 2018 saw an unprecedented surge in ICOs, and it plummeted to its nadir very soon.

What was the reason behind it, and what was the passive contribution this nosediving of ICOs made towards the rise of STOs to prominence?

Above everything, what is the stark difference between

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High accountability and transparency with blockchain supply chain:

Supply chain management is anything but easy. Comprising of numerous processes and large volumes of data, it can be a wearisome and lofty task. There are several approaches to effectively manage the supply chain. Blockchain technology is one of the most apt solutions. It is a public decentralized ledger that stores data that is immune to modification. Blockchain allows a greater level of answerability and order to exist in th

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Blockchain for seamless enterprise operations:


Blockchain is a decentralized public ledger that stores data and record transactions immutably. Blockchain can positively transform businesses. An enterprise makes thousands of transactions on a daily basis. Large amounts of data need to be stored. Blockchain is the perfect solution as it can enhance security and also create an efficient system. Enterprise blockchain services can help companies by allowing them to function using futuristic block

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Cryptocurrency ATMs and how they work:

Cryptocurrency ATMs are kiosks from which an individual can purchase cryptocurrencies. These are called one-way ATMs. There are a few ATMs that allow a user to sell their cryptocurrencies. These are called two-way ATMs.

A cryptocurrency ATM is a physical device that looks very similar to an ATM used for the purpose of withdrawing cash. A user can buy cryptocurrencies after paying in cash or using their debit/credit cards.

The cryptocurrency ATM connect

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