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Blue Heaven Cosmetics (BHC) are one of the old and trustable online Indian beauty Shopping Store. However, there is a wide collection of cosmetics products, especially for women such as foundation, lip balms, perfumes, bridal makeup kit, and matte lipstick online at attractive prices.


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Buy good facial kit online at best prices. We offer the wide range of facial products, it helps in removing dirt, grease, get rid of acne and sebum too which in turn makes the skin look bright and young.

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Buy Face wash online for dull and oily face online at best prices.  Choose from a  wide collection of strawberry, Aloe Vera & Tea Tree,  Neem Face Wash for men &women, it prevents  your skin from other harmful pollutants such as acne,  pimples & blackheads.

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Buy lip balm online from various brands offering different varieties of benefits, be sure to look out for what kind of lip balm suits you. Get Blue Heaven lip balm online at best prices. It gives  your lips beautiful look on the lips.

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Lipstick - Buy Best Lipstick online available in 12 Super Hot shades. Shop for wide range of lipsticks such as matte, follow me, Non Transfer Lipstick at best prices. It will give your your eyes a perfect and long lasting look every day.

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Buy eyeliner online are one of the most widely used cosmetics, just like lipsticks define your lips eyeliners elucidate your eyes. Shop Blue Heaven eyeliner  at best prices. It is totally water resistant & smudge proof, which will give your eyes a dashing look and stays for the longest hours.

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Choosing the Right Face Wash for Your Skin type: oily, dry skin & Dull skin. Blue Heaven offers the widest range of face wash online like strawberry face wash, Aloe Vera face wash, Neem face wash. It build-up your face look younger and prevents from Dust, & harmful pollutants.

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Foundation creams have often been associated with helping in toning the skin, to give an even colour or complexion and primarily hide possible flaws that make you look less bonny or attractive.

Benefits of foundation

  • Desired Skin tone
  • Hide spots, scars
  • Anti-Aging benefits
  • Smoothen skin

Lately many foundation creams offer lot more than just altering your skin tone they also help in moisturize your skin , also helps in protecting your skin from pollutants and balance oily or dry skin a

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Buy concealer online and choose the right shade for your skin tone is a very important factor, if one is using concealers for concealing blemishes and dark spots then find a shade that might be a lighter than your foundation cream while a yellow/warm shade is recommended for dark spots.

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A good massage requires two most important elements, firstly the masseuse and then comes choosing the right creamIt may not look important but choosing the right cream for your massage is essential it helps the masseuse glide over the skin with ease, making it easier to have a longer workability and access all parts of the body.

Massage creams also have the ability to get absorbed into the skin making the skin soft and agile,

Best Fruit massage cream have been of great interest lately since

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Buy Good Massage cream online at Best Price from Blue Heaven. It reduces stress level, improves blood circulation in the body, increases flexibility & enriched with 24 carat gold particles & Vitamins. Read more information to know more about the benefits of massage creams.

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