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The Aqua logistics Pte Ltd is the leading name for providing the wide variety of wide variety of high quality marine equipment like level instrumentation, level gauge, magnetic level switch, remote valve control system, Ballast water treatment system. We are also proud to be the agent for Hanla IMS.


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In the world of the modern era where we have so much advanced and due to which our life has become so much efficient and we can have the devices at so many affordable prices. There are many companies who need big storage tanks for their company so that they can save water by storing them and then use them in their company or for the people and these storing tanks are very big like they have the capacity of having 20000 liter storage of water and any other liquid and there are many companies wher

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To make your marine business easy going and successful, you require branded and highly useful aquatic products, which can make operational works on the ship or boat and under water treatments smoother and safe to execute. However, it is necessary to understand the importance of marine equipment and buy branded products for the shipping business wisely. Usually, there are different types of marine products have been designed such as marine level gauges, anchor chains, LED lights, level transmitte

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