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Pyramid has been known from ancient times dated back to thousands of years. Pyramid is known as a powerful symbol of positive energies. Pyramid for Vastu can help effectively to curb negative energies, due to its four sloping sides of the structure that bring the cosmic energy, electromagnetic waves, and gravitational waves etc. As per VASTUDEKHO, the pyramid should be used wisely under the guidance of a Vastu Specialist to bring more harmony and positive energies to your life: 

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South-West Direction is very auspicious because it is controlled by Rahu which governs luck, finance, health and stability so this direction plays a major role. If there is a Vastu defect or Vastu dosh in the south-west corner of your house, one will experience trouble and many failures like financial debts, pitru dosha, accidents, health issues etc. To get rid of these Vastu Defects or Vastu Dosha from your life kindly Consult with VASTUDEKHO Now!  

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