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By Dudish

The eternal debate whether to include the old jack in handhelds continues — a debate which was sparked back in 2016 right after Apple had launched the iPhone 7 without an auxiliary point.

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bone graft

A bone graft procedure tries to correct a deficiency or a defect in a patient’s bone. This correction attempt can be performed by using original bone from the patient himself, also by using specific materials, named “bone substitutes”.

Website: www.augma-biomaterials.com

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Properly fertilization could help trees recover from a heavy year & recoup just in time for the upcoming season.

Using organic bio fertilizing materials to nourish grapevines and fruit using the “embryo nutrition” method is critical for maintaining the uptake of a well-balanced nutrient and for optimizing the roots, fruit development, and foliage.

Biological Organic Fertilizers


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Welcome to the new Funticles blog. I'm really excited to bring you this cool content posts about food, travel, lifestyle and more. Click on the link below, sit back and enjoy the good read.

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by wolv

If you always dream of taking an ocean cruise where the term “luxury” would've to lay you pool-side on the deck while you're sipping a large cocktail followed by a  delicious dinner, then you are not dreaming big enough.


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Social media upsurge has incited positivity about prospective societal benefits, also concerns about the big damage it causes such as political polarization depression and even addiction. Read the full article...#facebook #best #office #gold

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Mardi Gras's

Start ringing the official Mardi Gras's start with live music performances and a king size cake. All day and all night...

Today is the 6th of January which is the official beginning of the festival. Celebrate Mardi Gras tradition throughout the city of New Orleans! Learn More...

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Bloogle Magazine

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Charlize TheronIt used to be a joke that every model secretly wanted to be a famous singer or an actress, or excel in another profession. Some of these big ambitions quickly became punchlines. Read the full article...

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Hi, Just so you know, I'm a cat person. I live with 20 cats, 1 dog and a lot of love :)


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Ideas are a strange thing, to begin with. First, if you are the type of person who gets plenty of ideas then you know for sure you get a lot more bad ideas rather than good ones. Great ideas can actually be a lot like the Holy Grail, only a lot less common.

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