Wouldn’t it be good to tame that hunger monster a little, and eat less simply because you feel like it? Here are some keys to doing just that:

Best way to lose more fat

  1. Eat more protein
  2. Eat eggs for breakfast
  3. Begin dinner by eating a low calorie soup
  4. Keep food out of your mind as much as humanly possible
  5. Make sure you get enough sleep
  6. Stop eating before you’re full (don’t worry, you’ll still feel full):
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  1. Submaximal endurance exercise only (what is commonly referred to as “aerobics”).
  2. Resistance training followed by a twenty minute break and then submaximal endurance exercise.
  3. Resistance training followed by a two hour break before performing the submaximal exercise.

The researchers found that when the test subjects participated in resistance training and then took part in an aerobics session with only a twenty minute break in between, their bodies burned more fat than when they did not pa

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German Volume Training is a weight lifting method that was popularized by Charles Poliquin in the nineties, when he used to write for the now (sadly defunct) magazine Muscle Media 2000. If I recall correctly, the method was pretty much introduced to the world at large in an edition of that magazine, which was one of Bill Phillips’ ventures. It is also known as the “ten sets method.” According to Poliquin, it probably originated in Germany in the mid seventies. Some credit Vince Gironda with intr

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