Soapstone Powder Manufacturer In India


Talc Powder is used in many industries. Allied Minerals Industries offers different types of natural mineral likes a talc powder, dolomite powder, quartz powder. We provide best quality to the customers and our quality always maintained. We are Supplier of Talc Powder in India with excellent quality product. Talc is the softest minerals. Talc can be grey, white

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Soapstone Powder Manufacturer in India Talc Supplier Allied Mineral Industries


At Allied Mineral Industries Talc Powder that is available in different shades and other packaging options. We provide talc Powder with high level of quality and purity. Talc is a mineral substance used in a variety of cosmetic Products it’s also used in so many industries. We assure timely

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Soapstone Powder Manufacturer in India Allied Mineral Industries Supplier


Soapstone is relatively soft because of its high talc content, talc having a definitional value of 1 on the Mohs hardness scale. Softer grades may feel similar to soap when touched, hence the name. Allied Mineral Industries is a best supplier of talc power in Raj. Because R

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