An Indian Bride is the most unique on the D-day, so the special grace adding to her the most prominent task. However, only to titivate is not enough for a bride. The beautiful face emblazon her on the D-day.  So, we are the expertise here to follow the way and steps ahead to the beauty and you should look best. It includes your dress, hair, nails, makeup and how you look with all the accessories gussy up on you. Our bridal ser

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Makeup Service in Udaipur


Bridal Face Makeup gives a gorgeous and shiny look to her. Face makeup start with primer, Prep up your skin for further layers of makeup by applying a primer to your skin. A face primer evens out your skin by filling in the whole and fine lines. This helps your foundation in flying over the skin smoothly. Foundation, Another mandatory essential that a foundation is, it is the base of your makeup. You

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