What is the best business model for on-demand doctors services?

4 months ago

What is the best business model for on-demand doctors services?

On-demand doctor service is not accomplished only by sending a physiotherapist to your home but also to provide quality treatments. Currently, there are many on-demand doctor services providers catching up swiftly. Usually, they have a team comprising of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, etc. who are trained to deliver health services required in the comfort of patients home.

It is often misunderstood that on-demand doctor services are not economical. There are different types of payment models available for a wide variety of consumers who can choose from yearly subscription fees, or one-year doctor engagement plan to plans for specific visits by specialty doctors. The rates vary depending on total visits, specialties, types of service provided, and many more.

Finding a specialist, training, and retaining specialist are the biggest challenges that on-demand doctor services face today. To face this, companies incorporate extensive training programs and facilities for professionals who work with them. Also, creating awareness among the customers about the benefits that doorstep doctor services can provide would be another challenge to overcome.

On-demand services operated by Uber for doctors app is a big boost to the healthcare industry as it provides easy accessibility of healthcare not only to people in urban areas but also in the rural areas. Many new innovations in the on-demand doctor services make every possible way to achieve in making target customers happy.

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