Vitamin D3 Benefits

1 month ago

Vitamin D3 Benefits

So what is vitamin D3 for? There are lots of proven vitamin D3 benefits including assessing the body functions and boosting the immune system. It has been actually shown that it can prevent Flu including H1N1 Flu when it is at levels above 50. At those levels, fibromyalgia patients get genuine relief in their symptoms. Not to mention, it’s capable of preventing heart disease and high blood pressure. It has anti-cancer properties, as well.

It’s also used to treat the conditions with low vitamin D3 levels, such as in patients who have low levels of phosphate in blood, hypoactive parathyroid glands, or any genetic conditions in which the parathyroid hormone does not stimulate the body.

In addition, vitamin D3 keeps the body at the normal PH by motivating the kidneys to recycle phosphate back into the blood.

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