6 months ago


Walkie-Talkie Base Station Types - Know Your Facts Before Getting One

No, we are not talking about playing with the company equipment at work but about the different types and features of the many kinds of 2 way radio base station units that are on the market today. Some of these types are designed for playtime and enjoyment for both adults and children alike. Your child's next birthday party, special event or just playing on a Saturday afternoon can be the perfect occasion to get outside and make the best use of it. With a 2 way radio station control set and several radio sets on hand, you can play the day away with agents or spies in the field and the commander in chief back at base.

Types and Make

Usually a 2 way radio base station can easily support spy type walkie-talkies and three way communications. When it comes to electronic toys for kids, a 2 way radio base station is a fun way to get kids away from the television and out into the fresh air to exercise and play. Many of these bases have a reach of more than 200 feet so that your boy or girl can actually go to a hiding place before communicating their responsive "10-4" or "Roger that". Whether the objective is to send messages in Morse code, make up your own code or just to talk over the distance, you will have hours of fun with a 2 way radio base station.


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