Steps to activate Fx Networks channel on Roku

4 months ago

Steps to activate Fx Networks channel on Roku

  1. Start your activation by turning on the television, Roku and the wireless network.
  2. If you already have a Roku account, you can sign in with the credentials such as email ID and password.

   3 Or else, you have to create a new Roku account. You will see a Roku activation code on the display of your television.

  1. If it is not available, click the star option on your Roku remote.  You will get a menu sequence.
  2. Hit on the option Get activation code to get a new code. Enter it on as soon as you get.
  3. If the account activation is successful, go to the #Rokuchannel store. Search for FX Network activates it without waiting.  
  4. To do the activation, you need to select the channel. You have to click on Add channel to start viewing it. Complete the payment process to activate the #FXnetwork.

For #FxNetworkschannel activation call the toll-free number @ +1-877-295-6410.

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