O. Robinson Gives Wings to People Afraid of Failure with Her Debut Book

5 months ago

O. Robinson Gives Wings to People Afraid of Failure with Her Debut Book

(April 04, 2019) – Oleathia “Butta-B-Rocka” Robinson, the founder of Artists Rock the Mic Foundation, a songwriter, playwriter, model, actress, humanitarian, a touring artist and a rising author has recently opened up about her debut book ‘Fear of Failure/Fear of Not Trying’ and talked about her book and its pre-order commencement. The multi-talented author mentions that her debut book has been launchedand the pre-order for the same has begun. The authorsays that the book is all about finding hope and strength after failing. According to Robinson, the book reflects many aspects of life, including rejection, depression, failing, falling down, breaking relationships and a lot of other things that may shatter any person.

According to Robinson, the book is helpful in overcoming all the insecurities in life. It’s partially a self help book and an autobiography on the other part. In the book, she has given many instances from her life when she was struggling with her relationship, challenges in college, issues while raising children, depression, pain, failure and much more. One fine day she decides to accept every odd in her life as challenges and overcome them and find her own way.

About O. Robinson:O. Robinson, also known as Oleathia “Butta-B-Rocka” Robinson is a rising talent in the field of music, modeling, acting, humanitarianism and writing. She has also written a play called ‘I Cheated So What’ and the founder and CEO of an NGO called Artists Rock the Mic Foundation. She is also a touring artist who has performed in UK, US, Holland, Germany, Japan, Portugal,Canada, Puerto Rico, Africa and many other regions. She is good in the genres like rock, pop, rap, country and gospel. The multi-talented personality has recently launched her self-help debut book called ‘Fear of Failure/Fear of Not Trying’.

For more information about the book and the author, visit https://www.buttabrocka.com and to buy the book, visit - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07Q3KDFLD

Media Contact:O.Robinsonwww.buttabrocka.com/author FB/IG/Twitter @ Fearoffailurebookfearoffailurebook@gmail.com

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