5 months ago

Coming as a surprise to no one, Shazam #3 gets into super creepy territory. What was a joyous and adventurous first couple issues becomes the nightmare Mary was so skeptical it would turn out to be. The Funlands is way too good to be true, and King Kid is definitely some kinda villainous guy on the low. Geoff Johns knew he had to pull in audiences with a good backstory and some lovable hero moments, but it’s about time for some action to display the mental fortitude Billy Batson and family have.After a stretch of darker, monochromatic superhero movies, DC made perhaps its sharpest turn to big-screen comedy with 2018’s Teen Titans Go! to the Movies followed by the lighthearted $1billion blockbuster hit Aquaman. The sails continue in favor of superhero hijinks with Shazam!, a relatively lesser-known hero to serve as a new heat check for the ubiquitous success of comic book-based comedies. And while Shazam! meets its mandate with a genuine focus on brightness and laughs, the overall result is less than stellar by sacrificing the heart of a superhero movie. Shazam! will make you laugh; it will not inspire.

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