Guide For Women Traveling In India

5 months ago

Guide For Women Traveling In India

You can be a nomad traveler who has enjoyed a lot of unique places with an amazing culture. But, India is different. If you are planning to travel to India at any time, you should learn some things on how to prepare for your trip.

#1Do not get tensed when someone stares at you. Beyond any stereotypical explanation, people tend to be a bit curious. Be sure to ignore any unwanted look. If there is something that goes beyond your comfort zone, be sure to raise your voice. There will always be someone to defend him to defend the reputation of India .

#2When it comes to style of dress, it is not necessary to change to the traditional clothing of India . But, always wear a shawl (a long piece of light) around your neck and cover up to your waist when you enter some traditional places like temples or Hindu mosques.


#3If you want to avoid looks, it is better to avoid some local public transport, such as buses and trains.

#4Always wear a pair of walking shoes in your suitcase. The conditions of the roads and roads, are not favorable for the shoes of divas or shoes with heels.

#5Pre-book your hotels and other activities before the holidays. If you plan to book last minute, it would cost much more for a foreigner.

# 6 Always ask the hotel to send you a vehicle to pick you up. It is safer to use this means of transport.

# 7 Plan your trip in such a way that you do not enter India in the middle of the night without knowing what to do.

# 8 Get information about the essence of the culture and tradition of the place you are about to visit. Prepare for India.

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