Fashion birthstone jewelry

24 days ago

Fashion birthstone jewelry

June - Pearl

While still luxurious, pearls are seen as a more humble precious stone and are often associated with long-lasting friendships. Those born in the month of June with pearl as their birthstone are known to be caring and affectionate towards others.

July - Ruby

Rubies are famous for their remarkable red hue and with a simmering color that seems to emanate raw energy, it's no surprise that those who adorn themselves with a ruby birthstone are perceived to be charming and approachable.

August - Peridot

While not as famous as the other stones listed here, it is just as striking. Occurring naturally in various tones green, peridot is believed to protect the wearer against harm and suffering. Due to their relative obscurity, peridot birthstones cute necklaces are even more compelling to those fortunate enough to born in August.

September - Sapphire

While sapphires can be found in a complete spectrum of different colors, the most famous color is cobalt blue. These gemstones are symbols of excellence and grandeur and those born in September are known to embody qualities of courage and integrity.

October - Opal

Opals are an incredibly beautiful stone custom cufflinks[click] and when worn as a birthstone, are believed to imbue the wearer with a greater sense of grace and kindness.

November - Citrine & Topaz

Both of citrine and topaz and considered birthstones for those born in the month of November and the colors of both range from light yellow to brown. The stones are synonymous with success and fortune. Those with a November birthday are often seen as loyal and generous infinity necklace with names.

December - Turquoise

Those born in the final month of the year are blessed to have turquoise as their birthstone. An exquisite stone to behold, it portends prosperity and success for the wearer.

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