Emergency Support Availed by Global Air Ambulance Service in Mumbai at Low-Cost

3 months ago

Emergency Support Availed by Global Air Ambulance Service in Mumbai at Low-Cost

Hi friends, this is due to this reason when I have had a wonderful opportunity to share my moments and how I manage the emergency situation I have with my family. Dear friends, I am Saurabh Chakraborty from Mumbai, in fact, some of my family lives in Patna and the rest are in NCR's Green Park in Delhi. The malicious day came in our family life, while my grandfather went to Patna to visit his primitive palace in Holi and an accident happened in his life and later he suffered brain injury and was admitted to Paras Hospital, Patna;


A week later, he was not recovering his health and the doctors at the Paras Hospital suggested to take our family to Mumbai for his better treatment. All of our family members were very worried and worried about my grandfather's health, after which we decided to take them to Mumbai by the Air Ambulance Service. We booked our Air Ambulance Calls from Global Air Ambulance in Mumbai; As we confirmed our air call within the stipulated time, his medical team reached Paras Hospital and picked him up from his bed and transferred him to Hospital in Mumbai and gave him full support for world-class medical assistance and ultra-high Take medical help and supervision. Maintain the team with all basic and advanced ICU setups and deliver it from one bed to another.

The cost of their booking amount is very real and economical, which does not cause us the pressure and extra or unseen costs. All of us in our family, from Patna to Mumbai, whenever we are out of nature's time, we develop Global Emergency Services. Today, due to Global Air Ambulance in Patna, my family is very happy and comfortable, which has affected us after providing services last time. In Patna, the same medical facility charter avails 24 hours with the facilities of the ambulance doctors.

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