Alternate Healthcare Launches New Book on Uterus Fibroid Treatment

4 months ago

Alternate Healthcare Launches New Book on Uterus Fibroid Treatment

(May 06, 2019) - Health Revamps and the self-proclaimed health curator Amanda Leto have recently launched their up and coming book Fibroids Miracle into the market and while not a New York bestseller yet, it has garnered increasing acclaim and raised some issues of paranoia, especially in online circles. The book itself is another addition to the growing comprehensive fibroid treatment plan that Health Revamps offers. Their collection includes ‘Uterine Fibroids 14-day meal plan’, ‘From PMS to PPD: Understanding the phases of the female body’, ‘The Ultimate Guide to Relaxation’, and ‘Secrets to Sleeping Soundly’ all of which have been received well to different extents in this niche market.

The book itself, as advertised on the Health Revamps website, is clinically proven ‘holistic’ approach to treating uterus fibroids and is unparalleled because of a lack of anything similar in the medicinal market. Considering the amount of women who’re plagued by this condition and often have to approach conventional healthcare centers where they receive impersonal, disinterested treatment, such a personal approach to female health – if it works – is likely to be groundbreaking. Indeed, if the reviews on the website

Key benefits highlighted by various reviewers online for the book talk about its customizability and how the natural treatments, exercises and implementations that it offers can be directly suited and catered to your lifestyle. This has meant that users explicitly do not have to take severe steps in order to change their lifestyle along lines dictated by this ‘helpful’ guide. Moreover, it’s easy to understand nature has been arguably beneficial as well – as stated by other reviewers.

About Health Revamps and Amanda Leto:Health Revamps is an alternative healthcare firm specializing in uterus fibroid treatment which is owned by the Medical Researcher, Alternative Health and Nutrition, Specialist, Health Consultant and Former Uterine FibroidsSufferer, Amanda Leto. The firm’s purpose is to create an approach to treating this critically ailing condition in the most comfortable, liberating and empowering methods possible while also working towards freeing the talk around it from taboo.

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